Double River Record tells the story of two brothers. With the new establishment of releasing the same song with different arrangements by varying bands, the brother band NETH PRIERE CAIN, who bears the name of Cain, strives to create excitement in the scene, has officially started!

■ First of all, please tell us about the concept of the band.
Vo. Itsuki (樹): The concept is a sinner's prayer. No matter how evil it is, it means sticking to your beliefs.

■ I've heard that many bands are like brothers, but I've never heard of an official brother band.
Gt. Syuri (珠璃): We and our younger brother band, i.D.A , released the same song with the same title as our very first release named 「神話双星記(Shinwa Soseki)」. This kind of release-idea is quite new and something that only brother’s bands like us can do. We hope to continue to do new and interesting things that only we can do, so please pay attention to our future activities.

■ What do you think of your younger brother band i.D.A?
Vo. Itsuki (樹): They’re an eternal rival.
Gt. Syuri (珠璃): I personally love the music of i.D.A! The phrases and arrangements of i.D.A's songs are so striking that when I watch them live, I want to play them too, so I often copy them at home by myself (laughs). There are so many cool things about i.D.A, from their songwriting to their stage presence, etc. It is awesome that we can respect them as brothers!
Ba. Chigusa (千草): I consider them to be a good brother and a good rival!
Dr. Kenji (剣路): I think of i.D.A as my little brother, even though I'm an only child myself.

■ A Split-cd was released immediately after the start. Which of the 4 tracks are yours?
Vo. Itsuki (樹): 「Re:MEMBER」 is innocence, which represent our character, and 「噛み付いて。」 is a song created for live shows.
Gt. Syuri (珠璃): We have released two songs, 「Re:MEMBER」 and 「噛み付いて。(Kamitsuite。)」As you can notice in the PV SPOT of 「Re:MEMBER」 , is that the song is magnificent and expresses our ideals and adds various elements from intense riffs to vocal melody lines and guitar solos.「噛み付いて。(Kamitsuite。)」 is an upbeat song that can be played live to ramp up the excitement. I would like you to pay particular attention to the feelings of "私(me)" that can be checked out via the lyrics.


■ The song 「神話双星記(Shinwa Soseki)」 was released on January 30th, and the same song was arranged differently by i.D.A and NETH PRIERE CAIN. What's the feeling behind the NETH PRIERE CAIN's version of「神話双星記(Shinwa Soseki)」?
Gt. Syuri (珠璃): Some of you may have noticed that we've actually toned down the shouting in this first single. At first, we were going to put in a lot of shouting and make the arrangement more aggressive, but we decided to cut the shouting and only use clean vocals. The arrangement of the instruments is designed to maximize the melody of the song, but also to bring out the personality of NETH PRIERE CAIN. Also, we're trying something new with the vocal lines, so I hope you'll pay attention to that too!
Ba. Chigusa (千草): The bass does not interfere with the melody of the vocals, but it is an atmosphere that fits the song.
Dr. Kenji (剣路): We were able to bring out our own flavor without destroying the original demo soundtrack too much.

BUY「神話双星記(Shinwa Soseki)」

■ How does the coupling song "Artemis" express its individuality?
Vo. Itsuki (樹): I want you to pay attention to the lyrics of this song. It is a representation of the world of NETH PRIERE CAIN.
Gt. Syuri (珠璃): In the song Artemis, there is particular concern with the way the piano sounds to express a unique atmosphere. It is also a song that expresses our world view not only as a sound source but also as it is performed LIVE, so we would like you to feel our world view through this song especially if you experience it also LIVE.
Ba. Chigusa (千草): The beautiful and fragile piano in the interlude is a great way to express this song. You can also read the lyrics and feel the atmosphere.

■ Please share with us a few words about "SLEEPER", which is included in the B-TYPE.
Vo. Itsuki (樹): This song is an illusion inside of a dream. The lyrics I wrote are from my own experience, so thought I would like to share it with you.
Gt. Syuri (珠璃): We tried to make SLEEPER a song that would raise the tension intensely, so we arranged a lot of things, and it turned out to be a very busy song that the members had a hard time playing quickly (laughs). However, while there are some intense parts, the chorus is a song that can be listened to firmly, so I hope you will focus on the content of this song as well.
Ba. Chigusa (千草): It's an intense song that makes you feel like your body will start moving on its own even if you are sleepy. I personally think the lyrics are also very good.
■ You're going on a release tour with i.D.A. What kind of stimulation will you receive from touring together?

Vo. Itsuki (樹): It is very stimulating to see each other grow as well as compete against each other. It's also nice to be able to see each other in a live setting constantly.
Dr. Kenji (剣路): I would like to steal all the good memories from touring together.

■ Please tell us about your enthusiasm for the tour final on May 31st at ell.SIZE.
Vo. Itsuki (樹): On this day, it will be a showdown between two brothers who improved their skills. I can't wait to fight each other on this day.
Gt. Syuri (珠璃): This is the first two-man show for NETH PRIERE CAIN. Just thinking about it makes me impatient, but when it comes to the tour finale with i.D.A, I definitely want to succeed! Even though we are rivals as a brother band, we want to give the best live show ever together!
Ba. Chigusa (千草): We'll make sure that all the fans who come to the show are glad they came and had fun, so if you're even a little bit interested, please come see us!
Dr. Kenji (剣路): We're going to show everything we've cultivated during the tour in the final.

■ Thank you very much for answering this interview. Finally, do you have a message for Vijuttoke readers?

Vo. Itsuki (樹): We are called NETH PRIERE CAIN. However when you come to see us for the first time, it's hard to call our name out, so please remember to pronounce it as "Nesupuri (ネスプリ)".
Double River Recordが2019年にお届けする兄弟の物語同じ楽曲を各バンドのアレンジによってリリースするという新新さでシーンを騒がせる兄カインの名を冠す者NETH PRIERE CAIN始動!

Vo.樹: 罪人の祈り。どれだけ悪と言われようか自分達の信念を貫くって意味ですね。

Gt.珠璃: 今回弟i.D.Aと共に1st「神話双星記」をリリースしたように同タイトルで同じ楽曲を出しました。こういったリリースの仕方はかなり新新でなおかつ俺達兄弟バンドでしか出来ない事だと思います。これからも新しく自分達でしか出来ない面白い事をやって行けたらと思ってますので今後の活動に注目して頂ければと思います。

Vo.樹: 永遠のライバル。
Gt.珠璃: i.D.Aは僕個人として楽曲が大好きなんです!i.D.Aの曲のフレーズやアレンジがストライクでライブを観てると自分も弾きたくなって家でよく1人でコピーしてたりします(笑)i.D.Aの作曲センスからステージング等カッコイイ所が沢山なので兄弟としてリスペクトできるバンドですね!
Ba.千草: 兄弟であり、良きライバルだと思っています!
Dr.剣路: 弟のように思っています、一人っ子ですけど。

Gt.珠璃: 僕達は「Re:MEMBER」「噛み付いて。」の2曲をリリースしました。
「Re:MEMBER」はPV SPOTでも公開してるのですが、自分達の世界観を表現しながら激しいリフからポーカルのメロディライン、ギターソロと様々な要素が加わった壮大な楽曲となってます。「噛み付いて。」はライブで暴れつつ盛り上がりを増せるようなアップな楽曲に仕上がってます。こちらは特に歌詞から読み取れる「私」の心境に関してよく注目して頂ければと思います。

■そして1月30日にリリースになりました「神話双星記」は同じ楽曲をi.D.AとNETH PRIERE CAINにて別アレンジにてリリースになったわけですがNETH PRIERE CAINの「神話双星記」はどのような仕上がりになっていますか?
Gt.珠璃: 今回の1stシングルは実は気付いてる人も居るかと思うんですがシャウトを封印してるんです。初めはがっつりシャウトを入れてアレンジもゴリゴリにしようと思ってたんですけどシャウトを封印してポーカルはクリーンのみでで勝負に出ました。楽器のアレンジも歌メロが最大限に映えるようにしつつNETH PRIERE CAINの個性を出せるようアレンジにしてます。あと、ボーカルのセリフがあるという斬新な事に挑戦してるのでその部分にも注目して欲しいです!
Ba.千草: ベースはボーカルのメロディの邪魔にならないように且つ、この曲に合う動きのあるフレーズになっています。
Dr.剣路: 元々のデモ音源を崩し過ぎず自分らの味を出せたと思います

Vo.樹: この曲は歌詞ごと注目して欲しいですね。NETH PRIERE CAIN世界を表してる自です。 Gt.珠璃: Artemisは特にピアノサウンドに拘って自分達の世界観を表現してます。こちらも音源だけでなくLIVEでも大きく世界観を表現している楽曲になるので特にライブ世界観を感じて頂きたいと思います。 Ba.千草: 間奏の綺麗で儚げなピアノがこの曲を表現できていると思います。歌詞も読みながらしっとり思いてみてください。

Vo.樹: この曲は夢の中の幻想ですね、この歌詞の体験をしたので皆さんに伝えようと思いました。
Gt.珠璃: SLEEPERは激しくテンションを上げられるような楽曲にしようとした結果、色々とアレンンしたら演奏も早く忙しくてなかなかメンバーも大変な楽曲になってしまいました(笑)ただ激しい箇所もありつつ、サビはしっかりと聴かせる楽曲になってるのでそちらも重視して頂ければと思います。
Ba.千草: 眠くても身体が勝手に動き出しそうな激しめの曲です。個人的に歌詞も凄くいいなと思います。

Vo.樹: お互いのバンドが高まって競い合ってくのがものすごく刺激が生まれますね。常にお互いのバンドが観れるのもいいですね。
Dr.剣路: いいところをとことん盗みたいと思います。

Vo.樹: この日は高めあった兄弟の対決です。早くこの日の為にお互いにぶつけ合いたいです。
Gt.珠璃:NETH PRIERE CAINにとって初めてのツーマン。それを考えただけでもウズウズして来ますかがi.D.Aと共にツアーファイナルをするとなると更に絶対に成功したいと強く思います!兄弟バンドとしてライバルでありながらも一緒に最高の今までで1番良いライブにしたいですね!
Ba.千草: 足を運んでくれたファンのみんな全員が、来てよかった、楽しかったと思えるようなライブにするので、少しでも興味のある子たちは是非観にきてください!
Dr.剣路: ツアーで培って来たことをファイナルで全て出し切ります。

Vo.樹: NETH PRIERE CAIN。初見だと読めないと思うのでネスプリって覚えてください。(笑)

■――NETH PRIERE CAIN, It’s your first appearance on ViSULOG. so, please introduce yourself.
Vo. Itsuki (樹): I'm Itsuki, and I am wearing prisoner number 923.
Gt. Syuri (珠璃): Hello I'm guitarist Syuri, wearing prisoner number 129. Nice to meet you.
Ba. Chigusa (千草): I'm the bassist Chigusa, wearing prisoner number 666.
Dr. Kenji (剣路): I'm Kenji wearing prisoner number 555.

■――Please tell us how NETH PRIERE CAIN was formed.
Vo. Itsuki (樹): Once there was a time when I was dying, and my friends came to me without any notice. And they told me that they needed me, told me they liked my voice, so from that day on, I decided to start a band. Well, how much of that is the truth....?
Gt. Syuri (珠璃): I've been looking for someone for a long time, and I finally stumbled upon this person! The person was "Itsuki". Since that day a lot of things have happened...really a lot (laughs).
Ba. Chigusa (千草): When I was walking aimlessly around Itsuki found me and picked me up.
Dr. Kenji (剣路): Us four happens to be in the same prison.

■――Please tell us the origin of the band name NETH PRIERE CAIN. Vo. Itsuki (樹): A sinner's wish and prayer.
Gt. Syuri (珠璃): We had already decided to name the band CAIN, but then we added the word "PRIERE", which means "prayer", to make it sound like a prayer for evil people.
Ba. Chigusa (千草): PRIERE means "prayer" in French
Dr. Kenji (剣路): It's a good sounding word.

■――Please tell us why you decided to release the same track 「神話双星記(Shinwa Soseki)」 together with your younger brother band i.D.A.
Vo. Itsuki (樹): We wanted to blow in something new and different in this scene. So we wished to blow a new wind together with my brothers.
Gt. Syuri (珠璃): Two bands start at the same time. And since we were brothers, we thought it would be interesting to do something that only we could do. So we thought it would be fun to release the same song and that's how we came up with 「神話双星記(Shinwa Soseki)」.
Ba. Chigusa (千草): Because there's sibling rivalry.
Dr. Kenji (剣路): Because we wanted to do something different.

■――What do you think NETH PRIERE CAIN and i.D.A have in common?
Vo. Itsuki (樹): We are both ambitious.
Gt. Syuri (珠璃): Actually, I share the same taste in music with the members of i.D.A.
Ba. Chigusa (千草): Descendants of Adam and Eve.
Dr. Kenji (剣路): The band name is in English.

■――Conversely, what do you think is "different" between NETH PRIERE CAIN and i.D.A?
Vo. Itsuki (樹): Our final goal. I'm only interested in Xenon of i.D.A. because his vocals and personality are completely different from mine.
Gt. Syuri (珠璃): Different location... In terms of music, it's the tuning of the instrumentation. i.D.A. tuning is much lower.
Ba. Chigusa (千草): We look like our dad, while they look like our mom?
Dr. Kenji (剣路): The length of the band name.

■――As a band of brothers, please tell us some brother stories.
Vo. Itsuki (樹): Between you and me, I've memorized all of i.D.A's songs, so I can sing them... Someday I'd like to do a member shuffle with NPC and i.D.A.
Gt. Syuri (珠璃): We used to copy each other's songs (lol).
Ba. Chigusa (千草): Recently, when I had some free time, I went out for dinner with my brother Nia!
Dr. Kenji (剣路): We go to every show together.

■――Please tell us your concept of「神話双星記(Shinwa Soseki)」.
Vo. Itsuki (樹): Origin of twin brothers.
Gt. Syuri (珠璃): The song is based on the theme of twins.
Ba. Chigusa (千草): Brothers!
Dr. Kenji (剣路): The concept is a sinner.

■――The coupling song is “Artemis”. What kind of song is this?
Vo. Itsuki (樹): It's about guilt and the definition of righteousness. The theme of this song is perfect for the world of NPC. Since God seems to have two sides....
Gt. Syuri (珠璃): Originally, we paid lot attention to the tones in the 2mix stage in order to create our world view. Also we paid a lot attention to the sound level of the piano and vocal parts. With that this song can express NETH PRIERE CAIN's unique worldview not only on CD, but also during our LIVES.
Ba. Chigusa (千草): It's maybe a perfect song before going to bed.
Dr. Kenji (剣路): It is a song that expresses our world view.

■――Another coupling song is "SLEEPER". What kind of song is this?
Vo. Itsuki (樹): There was a day when I spent all day wondering what kind of person the woman who appeared in my dream was, and I decided to use it as the theme of my lyrics.
Gt. Syuri (珠璃): We tried to make SLEEPER a song that would raise the tension intensely, so we arranged a lot of things, and it turned out to be a very busy song that the members had a hard time playing quickly (laughs). However, while there are some intense parts, the chorus is a song that can be listened to firmly, so I hope you will focus on that as well.
Ba. Chigusa (千草): Maybe it's a good wake-up morning alarm.
Dr. Kenji (剣路): SLEEPER has the sense of speed, so is perfect to play it LIVE.

■――Please tell us about a recent disaster happening.
Vo. Itsuki (樹): Lately, after every show, I feel like I have a scar I don't remember....
Gt. Syuri (珠璃): Lately I feel like my IQ is getting lower and lower every day...
Ba. Chigusa (千草): The gummy bears were sold out.
Dr. Kenji (剣路): When I was cleaning up after a show in Tokyo the other day, I sprained my foot and was sore for two days.

■――NETH PRIERE CAIN & i.D.A, 1st SINGLE 「神話双星記(Shinwa Soseki)」 release commemoration TOUR FINAL, Please tell us your enthusiasm for the two-man .
Vo. Itsuki (樹): I'm going to give everything what's inside of me. I don't want to lose to i.D.A. and I think we both feel like that. Also for everyone this is a day to enjoy both colors!
Gt. Syuri (珠璃): This is the first two-man show for NETH PRIERE CAIN. Just thinking about it makes me impatient, but when it comes to the tour finale with i.D.A, I definitely want to succeed! Even though we are rivals as a brother band, we want to give the best live show ever together!
Ba. Chigusa (千草): I’m going to give everything what's inside me, I don't wanna lose against my brothers! We'll make this a show you'll be glad you came to see, so please come to check it out!
Dr. Kenji (剣路): Usually we get along well, but on this day, the brothers will fight.

■――Finally, do you have a message for your ViSULOG readers?
Vo. Itsuki (樹): If you are interested I wish that you also come to watch us LIVE beside supporting us to buy our CD's or watching or PV's.
Gt. Syuri (珠璃): Please listen a lot to our music!
Ba. Chigusa (千草): Thank you very much for reading until the end! If you're interested in us, please come to our shows to watch us!
Dr. Kenji (剣路): Please keep an eye on us!.
■――Who are your favorite artists and influences?
Vo. Itsuki (樹): A vocalist. This person was the first person who made me wanna be like him and so I started following him.
Gt. Syuri (珠璃): Kyosuke Himuro. Guitarist of Avenged Sevenfold. Synyster Gates
Ba. Chigusa (千草): L’Arc~en~Ciel
Dr. Kenji (剣路): LUNA SEA、GLAY、SID

■――How did you get into music?
Vo. Itsuki (樹): 923...
Gt. Syuri (珠璃): Ever since my mom took me to a Kyosuke Himuro concert when I was in kindergarten, I've had my heart set on music as my future!
Ba. Chigusa (千草): My dad had a guitar, and it was fun to play it!
Dr. Kenji (剣路): Cultural festival when I was in junior high school

■――What is the latest craze?
Vo. Itsuki (樹): Self improvement.
Gt. Syuri (珠璃): Chicken Tsukune
Ba. Chigusa (千草): Mutchiri gumi
Dr. Kenji (剣路): VAPE

■――What do you think your previous life was like?
Vo. Itsuki (樹): GOD
Gt. Syuri (珠璃): I guess the daughter of a dumpling shop.
Ba. Chigusa (千草): Rabbit
Dr. Kenji (剣路): Remote control for a cooler

■――What's the first thing you do when you get home?
Vo. Itsuki (樹): Light up a cigarette.
Gt. Syuri (珠璃): Turn on my computer.
Ba. Chigusa (千草): Washing my hands and gargle to prevent colds!
Dr. Kenji (剣路): Bath

■――What is the ideal way to spend a holiday?
Vo. Itsuki (樹): Watching movies all day long.
Gt. Syuri (珠璃): Forget everything and travel alone!
Ba. Chigusa (千草): Stay home or go somewhere quiet!
Dr. Kenji (剣路): Drive without a destination.

■――Who is your type, older or younger?
Vo. Itsuki (樹): Younger. Because I want to project it. However that doesn't have anything to do with my ideal type.
Gt. Syuri (珠璃): Anyone who smiles!
Ba. Chigusa (千草): Either one, as long as you're comfortable with them!
Dr. Kenji (剣路): I'm open to both, as long as you are tolerant and have a strong spirit.

■――What is something that would make you feel incomplete if you didn’t have access to it?
Vo. Itsuki (樹): My pride and appearance.
Gt. Syuri (珠璃): Digital products!
Ba. Chigusa (千草): The human mind.
Dr. Kenji (剣路): Mayonnaise.

■――What is the ideal image as an artist you want to convey?
Vo. Itsuki (樹): Overwhelming charisma.
Gt. Syuri (珠璃): That we, ourselves, can become a sensation!
Ba. Chigusa (千草): An artist loved by many people.
Dr. Kenji (剣路): An existence that everyone knows, regardless of age or gender.

■――What does "NETH PRIERE CAIN" mean to you?
Vo. Itsuki (樹): The band means that I'm able to write lyrics based on my own experiences. Also we are a band that uses music to express our opinions about the world and to offer a helping hand to people who have the same problems as we have.
Gt. Syuri (珠璃): It means that we are a band that makes me believe that we are the only band that can realize the ideal world that we want to convey and express.
Ba. Chigusa (千草):
My whereabouts.
Dr. Kenji (剣路): A band that is a companion, a family, a rival, and continues to enhance each other.